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This type of sauna is a soothing combination of temperature, ranging between 40 and 60°C, and almost 100% air humidity. A relaxing steam session clears the respiratory tract and removes harmful substances from the body. It can serve you as an excellent method to moisturise and regenerate the skin, as well as improve the overall condition and efficiency of the body.

Wytchnienie, wypoczynek, relaks tylko w SPA

It is not only a perfect method to relax, but also an effective method to regenerate your body. The dry sauna has a high temperature (80-100°C), and the air humidity is only 10-15%. These conditions stimulate the activity of the circulatory system and accelerate metabolism. For this reason, the body cleans itself of toxins, while increasing its immunity. This type of sauna is also an excellent method to improve the complexion. Specific conditions accelerate the cleansing processes of the skin. in addition, at high temperatures, muscle tension is relieved.

A session in this sauna takes place at a temperature of 40-50°C, with approximately 40% air humidity. Relaxation is favoured by appropriately selected aromatic oils that promote regenerative rest and have a positive effect on the respiratory tract. Aromatic sauna gently improves the efficiency of the circulatory system and normalizes high blood pressure.