Mikołajki Resort Hotel & SPA Mikołajki Resort Hotel & SPA
Mikołajki Resort Hotel & SPA Mikołajki Resort Hotel & SPA

Corporate events, sports tournaments are perfect for integration. The presence of the lake guarantees a multitude of water attractions: traditional kayaks and pedal boats, and for those looking for a stronger experience, we can organize a tailor-made event. On the other hand, the close vicinity of the forest and green areas makes it perfect for outdoor activities: from paintball and field games, through trampolines and catapults, segway and quad races, to construction events.

Let's add to this the possibility of placing a stage structure or a tent hall in our immediate vicinity. You can organise a concert, firework show, lasershow, and even... a presentation of trucks, excavators or bulldozers. All this in an environment that even the most beautiful Polish city will not give you.

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